Cowering in the corner, Cynta stared up at the killer before her, Tryce; her ex-moirail had gone insane when she had broken off the quadrant between the two. Her grip on her bloody shoulder tightened a Tryce took a step forwards, forcing Cynta to press herself further into the corner. “Somebody, please…” She whimpered, looking around at the dead bodies of her friends who had tried to stop the insane killer. “NOBODY CAN SAVE YOU NOW!” The blade of a sword came rushing down, just missing Cynta as she managed to roll out of the way, a bit of her horns being chipped off when a foot came crashing down on her head, smashing her head into the ground as she struggled to get up. “Hah, you remind me of someone.” She choked through her violet blood which poured out of her mouth from the impact with the floor. Letting her hand drop from her shoulder, Cynta stared at the dark wall in front of her, black spots clouding her vision before a sword was pierced into her back, right through her heart. “HAAH!” Tryce laughed loudly, twisting the sword before pulling it out and looking down. “Stupid mortal.” He hissed, picking her up and tossing her away, not realising she had landed on the quest bed, which in turn could make her god-tier. Light began to surround Cynta as her blood poured onto the quest bed, staining her black jumper a dark violet colour. Once the light had faded, in her place sat a large canine with the same horns, a violet collar hanging from its neck. Another bright flash of light and a furry sat in the place of the canine, still having the features of the large canine, only having the shape of Cynta. “Damn… Wait, NO!” Tryce screamed, rushing forwards with his sword pushed out in front of him, ready to pierce through Cynta again. What he wasn’t expecting however, was Cynta to teleport then dropkick him from out of mid-air. Cynta stood tall above the murderer, her ears flattened against her head as she snarled, her dragon tail whipping around behind her as her wings spread out. Grabbing Tryce’s sword, she lifted the weapon up, spinning it around before stabbing it next to the males head. “Next time, I won’t miss.” She hissed, teleporting away.

Landing in the snow, Cynta looked up, her tail still whipping around as she watched the moon rise. “Now what…” She whispered, remembering all her Screaner friends were dead. “Well, I do still have friends on Alternia, hopefully they didn’t die when I was exiled…” She teleported away, towards a whole different world, her hair flying out behind her as she landed, managing to surprise her old moirail, Mituna. “Tuna!” She squealed, leaping forwards and clinging onto the surprised males face. “Thynta?!” He called out rather surprised, falling over at the sight of Cynta now. “You haven’t changed a bit, Tuna.” She smiled, floating in mid-air as her wings were spread out, holding her in place as she floated. Folding her wings back in, Cynta fell to the ground in front of Mituna, her grin showing off a rather large mouth full of canine teeth. “Yeth, well, you have changed a lot…” He whispered,  his bi-coloured eyes scanning her new form, wincing at the sight of wings. “God-tier?” He questioned, reaching out a hand, brushing his fingers over Cynta’s wings. “Yeah, I was killed by an old friend. It’s nothing, really…” Stepping back Cynta gazed at her friend before walking away, disappearing in the shadows. “You wouldn’t have believed me anyways…” Sighing, she spread her wings and took flight, frightening the wild-life near-by. “Nobody would understand.” Flying high above the trees usually solves her problems, but these unfamiliar skies scared her, yet made her feel brave as she flew along the tree tops. Soon Cynta was zooming across the skies, her long grey and blue hair flying out behind her as her dragon tail continued to whip around wildly. Closing her wings around her body, Cynta fell to the ground slowly, her speed pushing her forwards as she began to get dangerously close to the ground. Cynta, just as she was about to hit the ground shot straight over the edge of a cliff, falling down towards the ocean as she didn’t try to stop herself. Hitting the surface of the water wasn’t what bothered her, it was how far she would go down.


Life is a NIGHTMARE that you can’t wake up from… It is also a DREAM we always expect…

 The sound of claws against stone, the angry snarls of many creatures, yet one remains unseen in the shadows of the war that was happening, the bodies of the dead falling to the ground, their blood staining the once peaceful area. Only a hero can rise in this time of need.

“Fine, just leave me alone!” The angry snarl of a dog echoed through the alley as it walked away, the sound of claws grating against the old worn-out stone. “I don’t always have to do what they want me to…” The familiar echo of an angry howl caused the young canine to jump. “I also really must learn to ignore the sounds of the dying.” With a shake of its head, off it raced leaving behind only a faint trace of blood, telling the other dogs that it had been here.

“Running isn’t always the answer…” An older, injured dog stepped out of the shadows leaving not even a trace as it disappeared into thin-air. “When you return as a hero, you will understand…”

“I must keep running!” Another angry snarl came from the young dog, the fallen laying on the blood-stained ground staring sightlessly up into the dark sky as the sun sank beyond the horizon. The canine stopped, and slowly looked around, aware of the dangers lurking in the shadows. With a cautious breath, it placed a paw forwards before racing away as the sounds of battling dogs approached, scaring the young canine.

“Patches! Where are you?!” The urgent call of a distressed dog echoed through the alley, the angry snarls of the painful howls echoing around as a larger, slightly grey coloured dog stepped out of the shadows. “Where has he gone now?”

Patches slowly began to slow down, his legs tiring from all the running he had done. “Mother can’t boss me around, I can look after myself!” He panted, laying down and listening to the sounds around him, his silky grey and white coat soaked in blood. He closed his eyes and laid still like a dead member of the war, a pack of blood drenched wolves racing through the alleyways making sure everybody was dead. A quiet whimper came from the small dog as one of the wolves trod on his tail, causing him to shift slightly. I’m dead! The words echoing in his head as the wolves noticed that he had shifted and they had turned around and began stalking towards him, forcing the smaller canine to his feet. “You’ll never take me alive!” He barked, quickly realising his mistake. “Oh, wait… I’m just going to… RUN!” His voice echoed through the dead alley as he whipped around and tried to run away, knowing he could never outrun a pack of wolves, but he could confuse them.

“Patches! Come here!” Another wail rose from the now silent alleys as the large canine called out again, waiting for Patches to return to the safety of his home. “If only I understood that boy…” With a shake of their head, the large canine disappeared into the shadows once more to hide from the wolves that had forced war upon all the innocent strays of the alleys.

Patches turned around and began racing towards the wolves, smirking as they ran rights past him and crashed into the bin that he had been running for. “You all need to learn a lesson in how to chase dogs!” He called back, his paws drumming on the ground as he raced away, his scarf trailing out behind him. “Nobody can even catch me!” He howled in satisfaction, his paws sore from all the running but he raced on, forcing his body to push past its limits.


He continued to run down the alleys, his lungs screaming for air as the pained wails and victorious howls echoed around him. He began to slow down, his paws bleeding from scraping on stones and shards of broken bones. He let out a startled yelp as his knees buckled under him and he fell to the ground. “Come…. On…” Patches panted, slowly dragging his body along the cold hard ground in attempt to continue forwards. “I can’t give up now!” His desperate cries alerting nearby wolf guard. He quickly stiffened as he heard the howl of the wolf before he flopped down acting dead as he heard the drumming steps of the larger canine approaching.

“I’ll enjoy ripping you to pieces; Intruder!”  The angry snarl made Patches flinch slightly, but he stilled as the canine came closer. Within seconds he realised he staring at Karlen a recruit for The Order of The Wolf a group of wolves that runs against the packs. His ears twitched slightly as he alerted the wolf he was here, and was no harm. “Patches, is that you?”  Said dog nodded and climbed slowly to his paws, being mindful of his bleeding paw pads. “I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I ran away from home…” He explained, shifting his weight every now and then as the pain on his pads began to get worse until he had to sit down. “Silly dog, the Pack is looking for you, for some reason they want your head on a silver platter, Eh hehe…” Patches shifted uneasily once more and looked down to his paws, the pain was still there but the blood had stopped flowing from his paws and began to glow. “Erm, is it just me or is my blood glowing?” Patches looked up to see Karlen staring wide eyed at him before the wolf stepped back. “Karlen?” He noticed that Karlen was staring right past him, so he turned his head and froze when he saw a rather angry looking Alpha standing behind him, teeth bared into a vicious snarl. “Erm, hello…” Patches laughed nervously as he began to back away from the snarling wolf, his glowing blood left on the ground, acting as a light. “I’m just going to go over here…” Patches went to turn around but he felt a powerful set of jaws clamp down on his scruff, dragging him back to where he had been standing before.

“Excellent. We have the HalfBreed, now lets go.” Turning slowly around, the Alpha began to trudge back the way he came as he listened to the little dog whine about how he was going to badly hurt them. “Shut the brat up, I don’t want anybody snooping around and asking us why we have the HalfBreed.” He barked his voice hoarse from howling all day.

Patches tried to bite the wolf that was holding him, but he missed and ended up crashing into the wall beside the wolf. “Ouch…” The small dog whimpered as he felt the grip tighten on his scruff before he felt a rock cut his side. “H- HEY!” Patches yelped, struggling in the wolf’s grip, blood droplets flying everywhere.

“Shut up, mutt. We need you to be quiet so we don’t get attacked and you get seriously injured.” Unaware of the small canines wounds, the wolves continued on, dragging the now unconscious dog across the blood stained ground.

“We need to get out of here before the HalfBreed wakes up and panics again…” They carried on, ignoring the glowing blood trail that seemed to be coming from Patches as he slowly bled out onto the earth.

“Let go ‘o’ me…” Patches grumbled slightly, still slightly drowsy from being knocked unconscious by pain. “Let go of me!” He finally roared after realising he was being dragged along the rough earth, his blood plastered to his fur. Cautiously turning to the side, Patches attempted to kick at his captor, only succeeding in the wolf’s teeth digging deeper into his scruff. Huffing, Patches allowed himself to be dragged along the ground as he watched the sun rise. “Are we there yet?” He whined, trying to walk with the wolves. “Are we the-“ Huffing, Patches gave up on pestering the canines due to the violent look he was given.

“Surely he would have given up a long time ago…” Huffing loudly, the Alpha gave Patches a violent look which stopped the young canine and his repetitive question. ”Hush now child, we will get you to join the Pack, and nobody will save you.”

Groaning, Patches scrambled to try and keep up with the wolves, also trying not to get caught by the remaining ‘evil’ lurking in the shadows.

Rubbish Reasons

7I is better than 7A because we have more FLYING PANCAKES. The FLYING PANCAKES can fly to the moon made of RAINBOW UNICORNS~! You better believe in this rubbish, or I will continue to draw rubbish in my sketch books. 😀

Muah-ha ha ha~!

Term Three Report

My overall report was a huge improvement from Term One, although some of my grades had dropped. Oh well, another day to rty and get my grades higher to not get yelled at.


My english grades are higher than I thought they would be, but they could still be better.


Most of my grades in tthis subject have gone higher, although a few have managed to drop below what they once were.

Most of this subject is low, just like I expected, but I can’t help it, my immune system sucks so I am not allowed in the kitchen. :c


Could be better, but I don’t really think it could get any higher from what it is due to my lack of skills with a computer.

Bluh, I hate language. Kind of 0bvious throughout all my reports though. c: DEAL WITH MY LOW GRADES


Bluh, again, I hate this subject, and nothing can be done about it, I will never like it!


I don’t join in, although I help the teacher alot when she needs things done.


Nyeh, I can tell that I never liked Science either, ha, yay for low grades.


Probably my best subject out of them all, well, it could still be better by two grades, but still..

Altogether, I think my report sucks, and next time I have French, I shall throw my books to the ground in disgust! 😀

I really should work on my ‘Below Standard’ grades, but they will never get any higher. c:

Cyber Smart

The best tips for being Cyber Safe are that you should:

Never post any personal information like Name, Adress, Phone number, etc…

If somebody is bullying you over the interenet you can block and report them, tell your parents or somebody you trust. Being bullied over the internet isn’t a very nice feeling because you might not know who is bullying you.

Remember to stay safe on the internet, and be Cyber Smart!

MIS – Multiple Intelligences Survey




Short ‘speech’

Finished my On Demand Testing earlier today, seriously wasn’t that hard.

What I like

Le’derp. Obviously as /some/ people would know, I love to draw. (Mainly cats. :D) I also love to read things that have a lot of descriptive words about something.  (Mainly; Hunger Games, Cujo, Warrior Cats, ect.)

Personal Learning Goal/s/

I really don’t have any ‘Personal’ goals, but I guess I can make some. My  goal would (probably) have to be to get to class on time.

Hello, fellow bloggers

Just thought I would say hello to all my fellow bloggers, and that I hope to learn something interesting from you all.

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